What locking system does Steel Line uses?

For maximum protection of the front door the designing constructors of Steel Line have developed a system of multi level protection that includes reliable locking system.

Locking system of the Steel Line front door includes locks and its protection, which makes it possible to reliably protect the door from breaking in.

Locking system of the Steel Line front door 1 — lever lock; 2 — night latch; 3 — cylinder lock; 4 — patches; 5 — deviator;
6 — eurocylinder

Installation of two locks of different types (lever and cylinder) increases the anti-burglary protection of the metal door.

The cylinder locks have eurocylinder with the possibility of re-coding. Mortised armored patches are made of hardened steel and have a high degree of protection against hacking.

For additional protection, Steel Line installs reinforcing steel plates in the locking area.

If necessary, the front door can be equipped with deviators, which provide additional locking points and significantly increases the door's resistance to cracking.


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