Why front doors manufactured by Steel Line have two locks?

Constructors of Steel Line company developed a multi-level protective system of the front door that protects against hacking. The system involves installation of two different types of locks with high security classes.

What types of locks are out there?

Widely used door locks are divided by technological types: transom, lever and cylinder. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Transom locks Transom locks. Transom lock belongs to the first-class security and has a simple structure. The key is flat-shaped with slotted grooves on both sides that actually close and open the lock. Such lock can easily be opened even without master keys or picks.

Lever locks Lever locks. This locks have special levers: steel plates that make up the locking mechanism. In order to open such lock, levers need to line up in a certain order. Lever locks can belong to different safety classes. It depends on how many levers there are in the lock and what metal they are made of. It is also important for the lever lock to have armored plate.

Cylinder locksCylinder locks. These locks are convenient and reliable, keyhole is not visible, the keys are small in size and light in weight. If you want to change the lock, then you don't need to change the mechanism but just a part — secret cylinder. This element is responsible for turning the key and moving locking bolts. This is a secret device that uses specific key combination.

To ensure maximum protection from mechanical destruction, the cylinder lock has armored patch made from hardened steel that also has high resistance to cracking.

Why are we installing two locks?

Security. For the entrance doors Steel Line factory installs two different types of locks : lever and cylinder. In attempt to break the door, the burglar would have to open two locks. It will require more tools and time and will create more noise.

Comfort. If the door has two locks then the main lock could have rotary knob, so that you can conveniently and easily lock and unlock the door from inside your home. If the door only has one lock, it should not have rotary knob because for the thief it is always easier to get away through the door even if it got into the house through the window.

The Steel Line company quickly respond to reviews and feedback from its customers. Such communication makes it possible for us to select the most reliable and secure locking systems from the variety of options.

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