What Steel Line doors are made of (part №2)

In the previous review we talked about the design of the front door and the door box produced by Steel Line factory. We mentioned processing of steel and its protection from corrosion. The next thing you should pay attention to is security and burglar protection of the metal door as well as its sealing, thermal and sound insulating properties.

Multi level security system.

High security of the entrance doors is provided by multilevel defense system developed by the Steel Line developing constructors. So, in a special laboratory we designed the door that is able to withstand static and dynamic loads directed at critical points (area of locks and hinges, corners and center of the door l) and able to resist hacking. Steel Line doors produced really good results: the door has withstood the impact of force of 10 000 H. For comparison sake, this is the impact of the load of 1000 kg in wright.

Multi level security system Level of protection №1 — durable metal construction: 1,2 – reinforcing stiffeners; 3 – irremovable crossbars; 4 – steel plate.

The optimal thickness of the steel in the front door ensures a high level of resistance to cracking and reduces the load on the door hinges and door box. Absence of welding stitches in wholesomely bended sheet prevents access to the locks by the separation of the metal sheet in the field of welding. Through the use of cold-formed sections, the door in the closed position is located in a single plane with the door box, which increases resistance to cracking.

The system of vertical and horizontal stiffeners blocks access to the area of locks and prevents "bending" of corners in the front door.

Reinforcing steel plates prevent drilling of the locks. The total thickness of steel in the zone of the locks is 3 mm.

Irremovable crossbars prevent the opening of the door by cutting off the hinges. Shear strength is 1200 kg.

Steel Line door locking system Level of protection №2 — solid locking system: 1 – lever lock; 2 – night latch; 3 – cylindrical lock; 4 – patches; 5 – deviator; 6 – eurocylinder

Steel Line door locking system consists of locks and protective measures that allow us to reliably protect the door against unauthorized tampering.

Installation of locks of different types (lever and cylinder) increases the reliability of the door. Detailed information on the installation of two types locks is contained in the answer to the question "Why are we installing two locks on the entrance door?".

Using deviators we provide additional locking points and greatly increase the anti-burglar protection of the door.

To protect cylinder locks we instal armored patches made of hardened steel that have high level of protection against hacking.

Impermeability, heat & sound insulation.

Complex system of impermeability of the entrance door provides high level of comfort and high level of heat & sound insulation.Impermeability, heat & sound insulation. Multi level system of impermeability: 1 – sealing system;
2,3 – insulation; 4 – regulator; 5 – door panel

German made sealing system "Schlegel" has two or three sealing contours that ensure quiet closing of doors, provide extra insulation from the noise and intrusion of foreign smells.

Insulation of the door box properly done in the factory and correct finishing of the door jambs can reduce noise and heat transfer coefficient of the door.

Doors for the apartment are insulated with mineral wool called "Knauf". Insulation inside the door and door box is made with the use of the whole cloth without cracks and cavities. Technology called "SteelFix" with additional fixation on the entire height of the door allows insulation to stay in its place the entire service life of the door. It also excludes sagging. Note that the insulation may vary depending on the purpose of the door. You can find detailed answers to the question "How is front door insulated? ".

Regulator provides a snug fit of the door to the door box, so that the doors do not let odors and cold air to come into the room.

The door panels are up to 18 mm thick and can significantly increase the heat and sound insulation of the door as well as anti-burglary protection. Such panels also successfully quench sound waves and vibrations.


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