What Steel Line doors are made of? (part №1)

Entrance metal door is a complex mechanism where each element plays its role. In accordance with the functionality of constructive doors must change —  operating conditions indoors differ from the conditions of use the front door, installed at the "street-house".

Construction of Steel Line entrance door.

The factory produces wholesomely bended doors. Form of the door profile largely determines the ability of the structure to resist deformation. Complex geometric shapes of formed sections increases strength of the door and provide several advantages:
1. Create a thicker door with a minimum increase in weight, which significantly extends the service life of the product;
2. To implement four sealing contours around the perimeter of the front door, which improves heat and sound insulation;
3. The larger thickness of the door allows us to move the locks farther away from the outer surface, making it really difficult to hack and pick the locks.

Construction of Steel Line entrance door Design of the door construction: 1, 2 – stiffeners; 3 – irremovable crossbars; 4 – steel plate in the area of the lock.

Vertical and horizontal stiffeners reinforce the strength of the product. Such system is made to resist any attempts to bend the upper or lower corners of the door on the side of the locks.
Irremovable deadbolts block the door from being removed off its hinges.

Steel Line door box.

Door frame and the door box are made of curved profile. This method of production allows us to position the door itself in the same plane with the door frame. It also makes it possible to create up to 4 sealing contours, significantly improve the appearance of the door and increase resistance to cracking by using a crowbar.

Installing the regulator makes it possible to adjust the density with which the door fits the door box for the entire service life of the door. It also ensures smooth operation of locks and convenient closing the door.

The main element of the door hinge designed specifically by the Steel Line company and produced for us in Italy, has self-regulating sphere, which evenly distributes the load and is much more stable.

Treatment of the steel and protection from corrosion.

Quality of metal and its anti-corrosion treatment is the key to the durability of the front door. Cold rolled steel that is used in the manufacturing process of Steel Line entrance doors provides high rates of resistance to hacking. Phosphating technology of the surface that creates on the surface a special metal protective layer (phosphatic coating) protects the steel from corrosion.

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