What brands of locks and door furniture does Steel Line factory installs in the doors?

In the metal entrance doors Steel Line installs hardware and locks made by leading manufacturers: Mottura (Italy), Mul-T-Lock (Israel), KaleKilit (Turkey), Apecs (Russia). Their years of experience and recognition are confirmed by hundreds of patents. Quality of all these locks are certified with high security compliance.

Mottura (Italy)“Mottura” have been manufacturing locks since 1963 and is well represented in the markets of USA, Europe, and post Soviet countries. Mottura locks are reliable, have modern design and long service life. A distinctive feature of these locks is an interactive floating element on “MyKey” key, which eliminates the possibility of duplication and picking the lock by using another key. It also prevents bumping.

Kale Kilit (Turkey)“Kale Kilit” — Turkish manufacturer of locks, armored patches, latches and cylinder mechanisms. High quality and reliability of KaleKilit products are recognized around the world and meet all quality standards. The hardware and locks made by this company worked well in extreme conditions of dust, low temperatures, high humidity.

Mul-T-Lock (Israel) Company “Mul-T-Lock” has more than five hundred international patents worldwide. Heavy-duty multi-channel locks have rotary mechanism with possibility of re-coding. Such locks are made from high quality alloys, are very durable and resistant to wear & tear, corrosion, acids. Mul-T-Lock locks have high resistance to cracking.

Apecs (Russia)
For 20 years “Apecs” is engaged in manufacturing and saling the hardware for the doors. Locks made by Apecs are sold in 30 countries. The company has its own laboratory that allows to control the quality level at every stage of production. Steel Line placed special order and all the locks are produced for us in the largest plant in Russia called “METTEM”, which manufactures locks since 1992.


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