What hinges are installed on the doors manufactured by Steel Line company?

Steel Line company has developed a door unit adjustment system, which allows to produce metal entrance doors that are ready for installation. It ensures the quality of installation, meaning that installation of doors will happen quickly and safely. Thus, the product will last a long time.

Installation Hinges — device by which the door is fastened to the door box. Adjustable hinges for the metal doors are specially designed by Steel Line and are produced in Italy. The hinges are able to withstand the weight significantly greater than the weight of the door itself. According to the conducted tests, we calculated that those hinges will endure more than 300,000 opening cycles.

Hinges for entrance doors by Steel Line The basic working element of the hinge is a self-regulating sphere, which, unlike the bearing, evenly distributes the load and is more stable when running on failure mode.


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