What is the width of steel that Steel Line uses in production of the doors?

There is certain gradation in the manufacturing industry that produces metal doors: destination of the door, degree of protection and service life of the product. Depending on these factors the producers chose the the quality and thickness of the metal that is used in their production.

Steel Line factory manufactures metal entrance doors for houses and apartments, using cold-rolled steel with the optimum thicknesses of 1.2 – 1.5 mm.

Cold-rolled steel and how does it differ from hot-rolled steel.

Iron is not used in the production in its pure form. Iron is used as an alloy. Metal doors are made from steel sheet produced in the process of hot or cold rolling.


Hot-rolled steel is darker in color and is much cheaper. This type of material is more susceptible to corrosion directly on the surface of the metal.

Cold-rolled steel is much more expensive than hot-rolled steel. The front door made of cold-rolled steel will not suffer from the direct effects of unfavorable atmospheric factors.

Optimal thickness of the metal in the entrance door.

The permissible size of thickness of the metal entrance door is usually between 0.6 – 4 mm. With a minimum thickness of the steel sheet is difficult to speak about the reliability and security. Such doors must be used as temporary doors only. However, heavy door will cause rapid wear and tare of the mechanisms, deformation of the door box and sagging of the door panel. Heavy doors are difficult to open / close for the children and the elderly.

Optimal thickness of the metal in the entrance door.
Steel thickness of 1.2 – 1,5 mm is able to provide high rates of resistance to cracking and significantly reduce the load on the door hinges and door box. The main advantage of Steel Line is that we use expensive modern bending and profiling technology as well as cold-formed sections.

At the stage of production, the steel sheet is bended in complex trough-shaped profile, which combines the functions of the frame and cladding. To that we weld bent profiles of a particular form, creating a rigid frame. The more complicated the shape, the stronger the end product is.

Bent profiles allow to achieve significant benefits:
1. create a rigid structure with a minimum increase in weight;
2. to implement four sealing contours on the perimeter of the door;
3. push the locks away from the outer surface of the front door.

The reasoning behind using one or two metal sheets.

Major reason that some manufacturers use a second sheet of metal is insufficient stiffness of the door. Steel Line factory solved this problem by developing and applying the system of vertical and horizontal stiffeners. Such system provides additional stiffness and durability while reducing the weight of the door.

The reasoning behind using one or two metal sheets.If the manufacturer is not able to produce complex designs, then it is necessary to increase the amount of metal, the cost of which will eventually be paid by the buyer. If the manufacturer has sophisticated equipment working with the wholesome sheet of steel, then it is more advantageous to use one metal sheet. Such equipment is owned only by specialized manufacturers that produce full cycle products. Steel Line is one of such rare companies.


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