What door panels are better: with SteelLak technology or SteelTex technology?

Steel Line Company has developed two proprietary technologies covering the door panels.

The SteelTex technology is based on three-stage vacuum pressing method, in which by means of high pressure and temperature conditions, special coating takes the form of milling pattern.

As a result, the coating and MDF panel create a single structure that is resistant to impact and abrasion.

Advantages of SteelTex technology

Door panels created by SteelTex technology are protected from mechanical damage, changes in temperature and humidity, resistant to UV and infrared rays, and has anti-static effect.

However, the door panels created by SteelTex technology can be installed outdoors only under strict operating rules, which are specified in the data sheet.

The coating composition includes acrylics, which have high strength and ductility at the same time, take the form of artistic milling of the door panel and prevents the coating form deformation. SteelTex also has antistatic effect (does not attract dust).

SteelLak technology makes it possible to create a door with outer and inner panels painted in different colors. The door as well as the door box can be painted in two different colors.

Advantages of SteelLak technology

Panels made with SteelLak technology form single structure that is resistant to impact and abrasion, UV and infrared rays.

Polyurethane enamel made by Italian manufacturer protects the milled panel and is moisture resistant. A two-component lacquer increases durability of polyurethane enamel color and retains gloss even under exposure to UV rays.

The door panels that are created by using SteelLak proprietary technology has only moisture resistant and water-resistant MDF panels. Thus, if the client wants to install the doors at the "street-house" boarder, he is much better off by choosing a model with door panels painted by SteelLak technology.


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