How good is the quality of materials are used in manufacturing process in Steel Line company?

In the production of entrance doors Steel Line uses materials that comply with all European quality certificates.

Painting of the steel Painting of the steel. For painting of the metal structures we use polymer powder-based polyester coating. The polymer coating is not destroyed when exposed to ultraviolet rays, temperature changes. It does not emit harmful substances. This is the most durable and long-lasting protection, which is designed for outdoor usage.

Mineral wool Knauf Durable and ecologically friendly insulation. Entrance metal doors for apartments produced by Steel Line company are insulated with mineral wool “Knauf” (in Germany). Innovative ECOSE® technology produces insulation free from formaldehyde and acrylic chemical compounds. Entrance doors for private houses are protected from the cold air by special insulation that do not absorb moisture and condensation from the air.

Polystyrene and foamed polyethylene called Porilex retain heat and maintain its heat-shielding properties throughout its service life. Special heat reflective material (thermal mirror) combined with air layer creates "thermos effect". Thus, improving the thermal insulation of the door by more than 30 %.

Improved coatingImproved coating. Anti-vandal SteelTex coating of new generation is specially designed for Steel Line company. The coating protects the door panels from mechanical damage, moisture, UV rays and temperature changes. It has anti-static effect.

Highly technological Italian made SteelLak coating forms single structure with MDF panel and reliably protects the door panel from weather effects, does not exfoliate and is resistant to impact and abrasion.

Sealant Schlegel Sealing. Durable two-component sealant of latest generation called Schlegel (Germany) has guaranteed service life of over 20 years. It is resistant to aggressive environments and temperature extremes. It retains elasticity at extremely low and high temperatures. Schlegel passed all the tests and proved its durability during 50 years of usage.


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