Which door can be installed on the inside/outside border?

Entrance doors that are installed at the "street-house" or "inside-outside" border require special attention in choosing decoration and door equipment. In addition to high soundproof properties, the door must provide high level of impermeabilty to prevent cold air from coming inside. Such front door must also high level of thermal insulation and door fittings and furniture must be resistant to all kinds of atmospheric conditions.

Unlike wood, metal is good vehicle for the cold. The more metal surface comes into contact with cold air, the less thermal insulation of the front door.

Steel Line recommends doors in series Sever, 100U and 80U for the installation at "street-house" border.

Entrance doors with SteelLak coating

For the doors with SteelLak coating we only use weather resistant & high-strength paints and varnishes produced in Italy. Such coating is highly durable and resistan to wear out.


For doors in series 80U and 90U with SteelLak coated panels it is necessary to install a visor that protects the door in the closed and the open positions from direct rain and snow.

Entrance doors with SteelTex coating

Anti-vandal SteelTex coating has protection against UV lights, resistant to weather conditions and scratching,. SteelTex is highly durable and since it is resistant to aggressive factors, it is possible to install the door with this coating on the "street-house"border. SteelTex does not lose its properties even in difficult climatic conditions (tropical, seaside).


For doors in series 80U and 100U with SteelTex coated panels it is necessary to install a visor that protects the door in the closed and the open positions from direct rain, snow and sunlight.

Entrance doors with OakPanel

Multilayer OakPanel multi-directional layers of wood is resistant to fissuring and cracking. Pre-treatment and the use of special varnishes and paints make them resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. OakPanel is thicker and therefore significantly increases the heat and sound insulation door.


Make notice, the the doors is series 80U and 100U can only be installed in a building equipped with entrance lobby. The best option is the installation of the door in the vestibule entering the house. In this case, the front door is protected from most corrosive weather conditions — rain, snow, wind, UV and thermal radiation.

If you are installing the door on the street-house border, it is necessary to have a second door (interior door) at the entrance from the vestibule to the house, cutting off the moist air from coming into the house. In this case, the vestibule must be ventilated.


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