Features of operation of the front metal door

Proper operation of the entrance metal door will significantly extend the service life of the product. During operation of the front door, the Steel Line company recommends the following:

Features of operation of the front metal doorWipe the door fittings only with soft and dry tissue. Use of a chemically active or abrasive ingredients, as well as abundant watering may damage the door furniture.

Features of operation of the front metal doorYou need a screwdriver to tighten the screws of door handles. Hinges on the metal door must be lubricated at least once in six months.

Features of operation of the front metal doorIt is not allowed to put any subjects under the door. When closing or opening the door, make sure that nothing prevents this process (foreign objects on threshold of garbage in the holes). Make sure that nothing blocks the locks.

Features of operation of the front metal doorTo fix the door in the open position is possible only with the help of the latching or deviator. Avoid contact of cement, mortar, paints, sealants and foam with the coating of the metal door.

To avoid breaking of the locking system, you must never:

— insert the damaged key or foreign objects into the lock;
— use the unauthorized keys;
— turn the key until the key is fully inserted into the lock;
— place foreign objects between the door box and the door when the door
is being closed;
— close the door when bars of the lock or night latch are placed in the open position and are sticking out.


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