Delivery and installation of the door

The main principle of the installation not only of the front door but of any door is to establish precise vertical position of the door box. It will prevent spontaneous movement, skewing and jamming the door and ensures reliable and continuous operation of the door’s locks and hinges.

To main approaches towards installation of the metal door.

Installation of the door box into a doorway by means of metal pins. 1) Installation of the door box into a doorway by means of metal pins. That is the reason why the door box has holes.

Pouring concrete into the door box2) Pouring concrete into the door box. Thus, hardened concrete becomes part of the wall. But it is impossible to fill the door box with concrete box. Therefore, this method of installation loses its advantages.

Installation of doors manufactured by Steel Line company

Installation specialists that specializes in mounting of the Steel Line entrance doors selected the most reliable and proven method of installation by steel anchors. In addition, we have further improved this method and offer our customers the installation of special mounting plates (ears). These plates protect the pins from sawing off, making it much more difficult for cutting tools to access the steel anchors.

Installation of doors manufactured by Steel Line company Delivery and installation of Steel Line entrance doors is done by official representatives of the Steel Line Company on payment basis. For more information, contact Steel Line authorized dealer in your area. Contact information and brand stores are listed in the section "Where to buy" on the website.

If you order installation of Steel Line entrance door from third party you must pay special attention and make sure that the installation of the door is done by certified specialists. The door box and the door jambs must be mounted according to the TAP 45-3.02-11-2005 standard. Remember, the service life of entrance metal doors largely depends on the quality of installation.


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