What qualities should metal doors have?

When choosing a front door customers often raise questions about its quality and reliability. The Steel Line experience shows that majority of customers pay attention to the following properties:

Attractive appearance Attractive appearance. First of all, customers look at the visual appearance of the door: color, pattern and additional decorative elements. Steel Line designers always offer interesting solutions for the front door in both modern and classical styles.

High security High security. The main task of the front metal door is to provide reliable protection for you and your home. Reliability depends on high mechanical strength of the door, locking system and environmentaly friendly materials. The Steel Line factory does not use any materials that have not gone through special research and testing that confirm its effectiveness and safety.

Heat & sound insulating parameters Heat & sound insulating parameters. Quality doors should not allow the cold air, noise and odors to come into the house. As a result of tests done by Steel Line factory, the air permeability of metal doors is better by 17% than recommended by STB standards.

Best correlation of price and quality Best correlation of price and quality. Production line of Steel Line factory fully meets the criterion of an optimal combination of price and quality. Therefore, among the wide range of products, our customers will find an entrance door suitable exclusively to personal requirements and budget.


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