New Italian pull-handle Melodia for classical door models

The 100 and 100S series classical door models can be furnished with a new Italian pull-handle Melodia that emphasizes the elegance of door design and preserves its initial appearance for many years.

The pull-handle is produced by the Italian company FADEX. The combination of 50 years` experience and modern technologies ensures high quality, and close collaboration with famous Italian designers makes FADEX handles a work of art among door hardware.

New Italian pull-handle for classical door models

Exquisite design

Original form of the handle perfectly matches classical door models enhancing its fine design. Antique bronze color adds a touch of aristocracy and ancient culture to the atmosphere of your house.

New Italian pull-handle


The pull-handle is made of brass by art casting method. Due to modern technologies and high-quality materials the pull-handle has increased resistance to corrosion at high humidity and temperature extremes. The handle preserves its flawless appearance throughout its life time.


The combination proven by European manufacturers: a pull-handle outside and a lever handle inside is comfortable for daily use.

When furnishing the doors of the 100 and 100S series with a Melodia pull-handle, a bronze Armadillo lever handle is installed inside.