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Decoration inside:

  • OakPanel “Oak mokka” OakPanel “Oak mokka”


Design. The front door called “Wagner” is painted by hand: Steel Line master painstakingly paint over every corner and the smallest element of the door panels. As a result, the door has unique deep color, which allows you to see in detail the texture of the noble oak.

Security. Due to the installation of a special system of stiffeners, the front door has reinforced door frame and door panel. “Wagner” also has reliable Optima class locking system. Thus, the door meets the fifth (highest) class of protection against any kind of burglary.

Heat & sound insulation. On air permeability the door meets the highest A-class. Additional sealing of joints eliminates the ingress of cold air and moisture in the cavities, and the pads on the lever lock with spring-loaded shutter does not pass the cold air through the keyhole.

Durability. Sound and moisture resistant sealant “Schlegel” is designed to serve for over 20 years. Six layers of protection for steel and special insulation materials protect the door from corrosion. Stainless steel threshold retains its appearance for the entire service life.

Entrance door Wagner - Steel Line OakPanel “Oak mokka”
Entrance door Wagner - Steel Line OakPanel “Oak mokka”