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Decoration inside:

  • OakPanel “Amber oak” OakPanel “Amber oak”


Design. Baguette frame made of oak is classic element of design element of the entry doors in “Steel & Wood” collection. Deep texture and warm oak tones perfectly fit in classic décor. Unique hand-coloring technique creates a unique depth of color.

Security. Special system of stiffeners inside the door panel prevent bending of the corners. Reinforcing bends over the entire door and door box give additional protection and increases reliability. The cylinder is protected by mortise armored patch made of hardened steel.

Heat and sound insulation. Four sealing contours around the perimeter of the door and the door box protect the house from the cold air, ambient noises and odors. Linear regulator allows you to adjust the soft closing of the massive doors by correcting the tightness with which door fits into the door box.

Durability. Using advanced bending and profiling technology, allows us to create metal construction with maximum accuracy, which guarantees long service life of the product. Phosphating 100% of the door’s surface protects the steel from corrosion. Such coating also protects the steel from the effects of adverse atmospheric factors.

Entrance door Verdi - Steel Line OakPanel “Amber oak”
Entrance door Verdi - Steel Line OakPanel “Amber oak”