Power of metal and nobility of wood

Two doors in one

Entrance doors in Steel & Wood collection have beauty of the wood and durability of metal.
Deep texture, warm and tranquil tones of noble oak are perfectly combined with the power and
reliability of the metal structure of the entrance door.

Reliable protection

Strong metal construction and a special system of stiffeners inside the door withstand the effects of applied force and ensure high levels of protection
for the home from unlawful intrusion.


The use of quality materials and a special system of German sealing eliminates the ingress of cold air and moisture in the cavities of the metal door.

Ideal geometry

Modern equipment and advanced bending & profiling technology of production allow us to create metal doors with maximum precision and perfect geometry, which increases
their lifespan of the product.

Impeccable design

These doors definitely carry inner warmth provided by living energy of nature and noble beauty, unique texture and deep color of oak. Such door is the ideal choice for those who appreciate the classic style.


What can be more safe and harmless
to humans than the natural materials. Wood have indisputable advantage because it is environmentally friendly and has high durability.

Heat and sound

Due to its density and the particular structure, the wooden door panels perfectly quench sound waves and vibrations, thus ensuring high rates
of heat and sound insulation.


Oak panel

New collection is created of multi-layered panels with
multi-directional layers of wood. Unique production technology and subsequent manual painting of each
panel creates a unique colorful depth.

  • Two-component varnish

    Waterproof varnish protects the panel from physical shock and erasure, creating a flat surface and fully closing
    the pores of the wood.

  • Impregnation of wood

    It adds to the wooden texture special tone and expressiveness; increases durability of the panel, resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.

  • Priming layer

    Aligns and prepares the surface for the impregnation
    of wood. Barrier primer applied on both sides
    of the panel, which improves the resistance to weather
    conditions and mechanical influences.

  • Layers of wood

    Because of 11 layers of wood laid out in different directions and special treatment, the door panels do not crack or warp over time. Special adhesive composition makes them
    durable and moisture resistant.

  • Framing frame

    The frame is completely made of solid oak. It is an
    important decorative element in the classical style
    that gives the door a luxurious and presentable appearance.

Oak color solutions


Unique process
of manual

Steel Line specialists hand paint every detail and the smallest element of the door panel. As a result, the door has a unique deep color, which creates a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the room.

protection from

The special structure of the wooden layers laid out in different directions and pre-treatment protects the panel from the drying and cracking. The use of special varnishes and paints make the panel resistant to atmospheric agents.

Higher heat
and sound

The four-contour special insulation of door panel, created by the proprietary OakPanel technology, significantly increases thermal and sound insulation of the door. The thickness of the multi-layer oak panels is 18 mm.


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    doors in the year

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