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Decoration outside:

Decoration inside:

  • OakPanel “Sand oak” OakPanel “Sand oak”


Design. The door “Sonata” has internal warmth and would be an ideal option for those who appreciate classic style in all its manifestations. The unique technology of production and hand-painting of each door panel give birth to unique depth of color.

Security. The door box made of curved profile allows sinking the door panel into the door box. Thus, the door and the door frame are arranged in a single plane, which increases the resistance to cracking. Door panel thickness of 18 mm further protects the house from unauthorized access.

Heat & sound insulation. Reinforced steel construction of “Sonata” door is supplemented by an improved protection technology against heat loss. Six layers of different insulating materials securely retain heat at home and eliminate "cold bridges".

Durability. In the corners and at the junction of elements the door is securely protected by three layers of anti-corrosion coating. Use of special materials that does not absorb condensation and moisture from the air as the thermal insulation of the door panel and door box further protect the steel from corrosion. Stainless steel threshold retains its appearance for the entire service life.

Entrance door Sonata - Steel Line OakPanel “Sand oak”
Entrance door Sonata - Steel Line OakPanel “Sand oak”