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Decoration outside:

Decoration inside:

  • Ekoveneer “Dark venge” Ekoveneer “Cappuchino”
  • Ekoveneer “Dark venge” Ekoveneer “Dark venge”


Design. Orion entrance door is the best choice for those who appreciate modern style and eco-friendly materials. Ekoveneer is made of wooden fibers and innovative polymer. It is completely safe for the health. Ekoveneer is externaly indistinguishable from the real wood.

Security. The Orion door panel has no welding stitches, which excludes the access to the locks through a gap in the steel plate in the welding area. System of stiffeners reduces the likelihood of hacking by twisting. Installation of armored patches prevents drilling of the locks.

Heat & sound insulation. An integrated approach to sealing of the door provide thermal protection level that is 17% higher than the recommended by STB standards. The noise absorption is 32 dB. Such indicators provide a high level of comfort in the room.

Durability. Phosphating technology protects the steel from corrosion. Door hinges are designed and manufactured in Italy. They are able to withstand more than 300,000 cycles of opening, which is comparable to more than twenty years of trouble free service life of the door.

Entrance door Orion - Steel Line Ekoveneer “Dark venge”
Entrance door Orion - Steel Line Ekoveneer “Cappuchino”