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Decoration outside:

Decoration inside:

  • PVC “Dark walnut” PVC “Dark walnut”
  • PVC “Dark walnut” PVC “Venge light”


Design. Individual style of Omega door is defined by the right proportion of geometric shapes as well as colors and texture of PVC-coating. PVC coating has high resistance to scratches and chipping.

Security. Certification tests confirmed the compliance of the door to the 4th category for breaking resistance. This level of security is provided by wholesomely bended steel sheet and a special system of vertical and horizontal stiffeners.

Heat & Sound insulation. The special design and unique shape of the bended door panel makes it possible to install two contours of sealing. It provides a quiet closing / opening cycle, additional heat and noise insulation as well as protection against the ingress of foreign odors.

Durability. Irremovable crossbars 15 mm in diameter prevent the opening of the door by cutting off the hinges. Tests have shown that Omega door is able to withstand more than 300,000 cycles of opening. That equals about 20 years of trouble-free operation of the product.

Entrance door Omega - Steel Line PVC “Dark walnut”
Entrance door Omega - Steel Line PVC “Dark walnut”