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For the apartment

Decoration outside:

Decoration inside:

  • Polymer “Black silk” PVC “Dark walnut”
  • Polymer “Black silk” PVC “Venge light”


Design. Medison door model belongs to the modern City collection. Outer side of the door is protected by polymer coating that is resistant to light mechanical damage. The inner side of the door is coated with PVC, which imitates the structure of the wood and gives the room a feeling of coziness and comfort.

Security. Hidden stiffeners of rigidity provide reliability for the door. Steel plates protect the lock against drilling. Total thickness of the steel in the locks’ area is 2.7 mm). Locks are equipped with two types of eurocylinder with the decoding possibilities.

Heat & Sound insulation. Linear regulator allows to adjust the density with which the door panel fits the door box. It also eliminates the ingress of cold air into the room. Mineral wool «Knauf» is fixed over the entire height of the box and as well as the door panel excluding its subsidence during the entire period of operation.

Durability. Modern bending and profile manufacturing technology makes it possible to create the front door with greater thickness while maintaining optimal weight. The absence of increased load on the door hinges precludes sagging over time.

Entrance door Medison - Steel Line Polymer “Black silk”
Entrance door Medison - Steel Line PVC “Dark walnut”