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For the apartment

Decoration outside:

Decoration inside:

  • SteelLak “White” SteelLak “White”
  • SteelLak “Black-Grey” SteelLak “Black-Grey”
  • SteelLak “Ivory” SteelLak “Ivory”
  • SteelLak “Braun” SteelLak “Braun”


Design. Exceptional feature of all the doors in Contemporary collection and Wave model in particular is the possibility to pain the door in any of the RAL colors. Special structure of the panel makes it possible to apply simple drawings as well as complex highly artistic milling.

Security. Highest category in burglary protection is achieved by installation of two locks of 4th protection class. The locks have patented security system SecurMap24 that protects the lock from all kinds of burglary attempts. Wholesomely bended door panel is reinforced by the system of stiffeners that have special form and shape.

Heat & sound insulation. Four sealing contours on the door and the door box ensure comfortable and silent closing of the door as well as high heat and sound insulation. Linear porch regulator makes the door panel tightly attached to the door box, thus it stops all the foreign odors and cold air from coming inside.

Durability. Durable German Schlegel sealing keeps its elasticity even in extremely low temperatures. The sealant was well tested & tried and will serve for 50 years. Anticorrosive layer and weatherproof coating reliably protects the steel from corrosion.

Entrance door Wave - Steel Line SteelLak “White”
Entrance door Wave - Steel Line SteelLak “White”