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For the apartment

Decoration outside:

Decoration inside:

  • SteelLak “Ivory” SteelLak “Ivory”
  • SteelLak “Black-Grey” SteelLak “Black-Grey”
  • SteelLak “White” SteelLak “White”
  • SteelLak “Braun” SteelLak “Braun”


Design. The main postulate of the new Contemporary collection is: keep the tradition but create something new. Multi-level technology manufacturing SteelLak painted panels includes milling the door panels on modern Italian equipment as well as manual work to bring the picture to perfection.

Security. Multilevel protection of the front door includes installation of hidden stiffeners, irremovable crossbars on the side of the hinges, steel plates in the area of locks, night latches and armored plates made of hardened steel.

Heat & ыound insulation. Four sealing contours, 16 mm panels made of moisture-resistant MDF, quality German insulation Knauf — all that ensures high level of impermeability. Terra model meets qualifications of highest (A) class of airtightness. It does not allow cold air and odors come inside.

Durability. SteelLak technology opens up new possibilities in creating door panels. It is much more than just painted MDF. It truly creates a single structure that is resistant to impact and abrasion, UV rays and infrared rays.

Entrance door Terra - Steel Line SteelLak “Ivory”
Entrance door Terra - Steel Line SteelLak “Ivory”