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Decoration outside:

Decoration inside:

  • SteelLak “Black-Grey” SteelLak “Black-Grey”
  • SteelLak “White” SteelLak “White”
  • SteelLak “Braun” SteelLak “Braun”
  • SteelLak “Ivory” SteelLak “Ivory”


Design. Collection of entrance doors called Contemporary incorporates the latest trends in the world of design. The colors in this style are: black, white, shades of gray, beige and brown. However, new painting technology allows us to paint the door panels of the door River in any of RAL colors.

Security. Steel Line's engineering constructors have developed a multileveled protective system that protects the front door from burglary. The system is made of sturdy metal frame and secure locking system. Set of locks and door accessories of Premium class include two locks of different types (made in Italy), Crit mortise armored patch and night latch.

Heat & sound insulation. Correct bending of door panel and door frame makes it possible to have four contours of sealing with German made two-component sealant called Schlegel. Additional sealing of joints eliminates the ingress of cold air and moisture.

Durability. Linear porch regulator allows us to adjust the tightness with which the door panel adjusts to the door box. The regulator also provides soft closing of the door during the whole period of door's service life.

Entrance door River - Steel Line SteelLak “Black-Grey”
Entrance door River - Steel Line SteelLak “Black-Grey”