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For the apartment

Decoration outside:

Decoration inside:

  • SteelLak “Braun” SteelLak “Braun”
  • SteelLak “Ivory” SteelLak “Ivory”
  • SteelLak “Black-Grey” SteelLak “Black-Grey”
  • SteelLak “White” SteelLak “White”


Design. Commitment to new ideas and technologies has led us to create a unique Contemporary collection. No moldings on the panel, no face of the lock on the side of the door, minimizing the distance between the door panel and the jamb - nothing distracts attention from the unique milling of Flora door.

Security. We have developed a multi-level system of protection giving the door 5th highest category in burglary resistance. Wholesomely bended door panel has no welding stitches preventing the access to the locks by tearing off the steel sheet in the places of welding. Armored plate protects the lock's cylinder from tearing, knocking and drilling.

Heat & sound insulation. Thanks to the four contours of sealing on the door and the door box, the door stops the cold air, dust, odors and noise from entering the room. Additional sealing of joints and elements of the door and door box eliminates the ingress of cold air and moisture in the cavities of the door.

Durability. Durable German sealing is resistant to aggressive environments and temperature extremes. It also has a guaranteed service life of over 20 years. Hinges with self-centering elements (spheres) can hold the weight significantly greater than the weight of the door panel. The hinges are able to withstand more than 300,000 cycles of opening\closing.

Entrance door Flora - Steel Line SteelLak “Braun”
Entrance door Flora - Steel Line SteelLak “Braun”