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For the apartment

Decoration outside:

Decoration inside:

  • SteelLak “Braun” SteelLak “Braun”
  • SteelLak “White” SteelLak “White”
  • SteelLak “Black-Grey” SteelLak “Black-Grey”
  • SteelLak “Ivory” SteelLak “Ivory”


Design. Modern entrance door for comfortable and safe life — this is the main idea behind Contemporary collection. Ongoing improvements of production allowed us to minimize the distance between the outside door panel and door jamb. This feature makes the “Avenue” door even more visually attractive.

Security. The entrance doors have the 5th (highest) burglary resistance class. Such high class was achieved due to multilevel security system, which includes reinforced metal frame of the door and door locks of premium classification.

Heat & sound insulation. The German sealing system has 4 circuits, providing top class airtightness. Additional sealing of the joints the door box and the door eliminates the ingress of cold air and moisture in the hidden cavities.

Durability. Durable two-component sealant of the latest generation of sealing is resistant to aggressive environments and temperature extremes. Guaranteed service life of the Schlegel sealing is 20 years. Italian hinges with self-centering element are designed to hold weight that is significantly greater than the weight of the door.

Entrance door Avenue - Steel Line SteelLak “Braun”
Entrance door Avenue - Steel Line SteelLak “Braun”